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The Historical Carnival

of Ivrea

Gatronomic Traditions

The Fagiolate

On the Sundays preceding Carnival and during the key days of celebration, the traditional “Fagiolate” take place in the districts of the city. The Fagiolate date back to the Middle Ages, when the beans were distributed to the poor by the Ivrean Brotherhoods. These days, the Fagiolate serve the so-called faseuj grass: about 7,100 kg of beans are cooked for 6 hours in large copper pots with 2,300 kg of pork rind (the famous preive), cotechino sausages, pig’s trotters, pig bones, lard and onions. The Fagiolata del Castellazzo (Sunday 10th February in Piazza Maretta) is the oldest. 


Polenta and cod

The Carnival closes with polenta and cod. On Ash Wednesday, the Ivreans gather in Piazza La Marmora to taste this traditional dish that has been prepared by the Croatian Committee for 70 years (this year is the anniversary). These days, 1,200 kg of polenta, 900 kg of cod and 1,100 kg of onions are cooked. A first taste can be had as early as the night of Monday 11th inside the Committee building in Borghetto.

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