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The Foundation of the Historical Carnival

of Ivrea

The Foundation 

The Historic Carnival of Ivrea Foundation was set up for promotion and event management related to the carnival by the City Council, when it adopted Resolution n ° 46 dated 13 July 2009.The premise to the resolution set out the main reasons for the choice:

- Since 1989, the Carnival of Ivrea has been organised by the Historic Carnival of Ivrea Consortium (hereinafter the Consortium), which recently consisted of only one member, the Ivrea City Council. This legal structure was no longer in line with the law on Local Authorities and bodies assigned the organisation of events and cultural services.
- This inconsistency may also lead to institutions refusing funding and contributions for the event;

Since in any case the Consortium could not continue as it was, the Council decided to set up a new fully legitimate body that could be up and running in time to organise the 2010 Carnival. Therefore, after analysing the possible options for managing cultural services provided for by TU EE.LL. and referring in particular to art. 113a of T.U. 267/2000, which gives power to municipalities to directly assign cultural services to specially established foundations, associations or share companies, the Foundation was found to be the most appropriate type of organisation for managing the Historic Carnival of Ivrea.
In fact,

The Foundation is a legal entity under the Civil Code, which operates under the rules of common law, therefore with the principles of lean and flexible management;

The city council aims to give the Foundation organisational and management duties, distinct from the competencies of guidance, supervision and control that remain with the council;

The Foundation, as time has evolved, has gone from being a body almost exclusively donating contributions and grants to becoming a service management body with typical management and organizational skills, and seems the most appropriate entity for managing municipal cultural services, as is happening in many municipalities which were contacted by this Administration;

The Foundation ensures the subsequent entry of private and public bodies with the possibility of creating obvious financial synergies and developing ideas and cultural projects;

In light of these considerations, the City Council has therefore formulated guidelines for City Council representatives of the Consortium to proceed immediately, after approval of the Annual consortium balance sheet, with winding up the Consortium, at the same time instructing municipal offices to draw up a statute for the Foundation to be constituted, taking into account the aims mentioned in the text of the resolution.

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